Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bargain central!

I suddenly awoke on Saturday morning with a strange (yet familiar feeling)...I just had to go down to my local St Vinnies store. The wardrobe I needed would be there. I had been trawling ebay and the said St Vinnies store for weeks for a wardrobe, but as yet - no luck. So what would bring me to drag myself out of be at 8am on a Saturday? I didn't have time to question it. I just did it.
Get up. Check. Shower. Check. Breakfast. It could wait. Get in the car and go to St Vinnies. Check. Wardrobe there? Check. Within price range? Not quite. Another cabinet I needed to house my bedroom stereo there? Check. Able to bargain on the two items plus delivery? Check. Bought both wardrobe and cabinet. Check check.
Indeed I was more than rapt with my recent purchases - but I wanted more.
Now I had a cabinet to house my stereo, but surely I could now fit a tv on top of my new unit for the complete bedroom comfort? I started on ebay again. Cheap little tv. I put in a bid. 5 minutes to go, I thought I was a shoe in....time for a cup of tea....I check the net again to pay for my bargain buy (thinking I am on a roll this weekend), but alas, I lost. Shattered.
I bid for more tv's, but they are more expensive than the first. Will I have to wait weeks for this too?? I give up.
Wake up Sunday morning with that now all too familiar feeling - I must log onto ebay again, my tv will be there.
Low (Loewe?) and behold, there it is. 12 minutes to go. I place my bid. Waiting by the 'puter this time, I don't want to miss. But there are no more bids - lady luck is on my side. I win. I know I only win by default as no one is interested in a Loewew TV with a broken remote. Maybe I am the only one that knows that the seller misspelt the brand and it should have been a Loewe TV. And no one knows I already have one in my lounge with a working remote that will transfer to the new bedroom one. I just scored a $5,000 tv (well, it was the RRP a few years ago) for $40.
It may be a little bigger than I need, and a little more extravagant, but I'm not really one to do things by halves....
The moral of the story is, I feel like I've had a most successful weekend!


Andrew said...

That's funny. A misspelt name on Ebay and no-one much finds it, except Deb!

Brian Hughes said...

It's good to see somebody's still keeping the economy afloat.

PI said...

How great you must be feeling. Well done!

Jayne said...

Ahhh, yes, always listen to that inner voice/feeling ;)