Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spare a thought

A serious post this time folks....

Today is a very sad day for Victorians. History was made yesterday in more ways than one, as Melbourne had it's hottest day on record and bush fires raged throughout the state.
Waking up to see the carnage this morning was heartbreaking. Still, we must be grateful for what we do have, and as the day unfolded into night, I began to realise the importance of friends, and the unimportance of so many other things in your life.

What was supposed to be a 40th birthday celebration for a friend, turned into a strange situation as we all tried not to think of what was happening outside of our safety bubble of the inner city. We drank, we played lawn bowles. We went through the motions of what one does to celebrate a birthday, but we just couldn't be there in spirit. There were several of us who had friends or family that were in danger, and there wasn't a lot we could do except for make phone calls, check the CFA website, and wander into the clubhouse to check the news every half hour.
It seems we all were affected in one way or another.
My mother was alone in her house in the Yarra Valley, and was facing the decision of staying or going.
The wife of the party boy had horses in Kinglake that she couldn't get to.
And Jack had recently purchased a property in Flowerdale which was now under threat.

We all went home at about 10pm, but there was no way I could sleep. Jack came back to my place and we stayed up all night. Still checking the CFA site, but trying not to think about what was happening. We talked. We talked and talked and all of the anger and resentment that we held against one another from the breakdown of our relationship faded away, as we realised that there are far more serious things to waste energy on.

And as I cried watching the destruction on the news this morning, I sent up a prayer of gratitude. My mother is safe and well, the horses have been sighted, and Jack was back, if only for a short while.


Jayne said...

It's been horrifying, Deb, the stuff of nightmares.

Brian Hughes said...

Yesterday I was grumbling to myself about the snow. Having watched the news this morning I'm thinking an extra pair of thermal socks should do the trick. All in all I'd rather be impersonating Chilly Willy than be in Victoria. Not something I ever thought I'd heard myself saying.

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie. I think the glass of red we're about to have is well deserved.

Deb said...

Too true Jayne, we are just trying to keep our spirits up now and concentrate on the positive stories emerging from the ashes.

If we could meet somewhere in the middle Brian, we'd all be happy. Pull your socks up and enjoy a warm whisky if you can :-)

As always MD, lets appreciate the wine, and the thoughts and blessings of those around us, and the knowledge that the people we know are safe. Thanks for the hugs xox

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, so shall we learn to create new beginnings.

PI said...

I do feel for you and send loving thoughts and prayers. It has been the leading item on the news all day and is quite heart- breaking to watch.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, and so many at this time.