Thursday, January 22, 2009

Simply the Breast

I have a delicate issue, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

Every two to three weeks, I go to get my nails done. Usually, I go to the same place, and I have the same lady. Today, I was out of town, so I went somewhere new.
I sat down, told the lady what I wanted, then she started to work. It is at this point that I start watching her shaping and filing my nails, and I remove my focus from what she is doing with my hands, and my focus moves to her chest. Not just her chest, but her breasts. She has, absolutely, gorgeous, boobs. Not big, not a joining cleavage of mass proportion. Just a perfect undulation of B Cup mounds, with a slight gully in between.

Now that I've seen them, I can't stop staring! I try to avert my gaze, but when I start looking once again at my nails, I can't help but let my eyes glaze over and change focus again. Why look in the foreground when you have womanly perfection in the background?

Then, it gets worse. She starts to buff.

With just a little side to side motion, her beautiful bosom starts a little jiggle. I'm convinced now that she is not even wearing a push up bra, but these gifts from God are indeed natural and free to stay positioned how God intended.

I look down, trying to glance at my own cleavage to compare. No, hers is definitely better.

So, my problem is not that I want to jump this poor lass, but that I think I have just acquired a new addiction. I have to see those breasts again. I don't care that she is an hour from my house (my usual nail lady is 5 minutes up the road). I don't care that she charges more. I'll pay it as long as she wears a v-neck. I'm not in love with her boobs, I am in awe of them. Is that really so wrong?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could just tell her you think she has great boobs! - after all, if it were her hair or ger nails or her skin, you wouldn't think twice?

Andrew said...

Well, if I had to go there, hers sound neat and contained and not for smothering a face. Are you sure you don't want to taste them?

Anonymous said...

Having somewhat a 'fetish' for breasts, you've certainly got me interested. I think that 'slight gully' is what makes the perfect pair.

Jayne said...

Boob envy is best spoken of out in the open, so to speak ;)

Al said...

I think you shoudl take a photo and never go back. Clearly you are in love.

Anonymous said...

How have I not heard of this until now?

Jayne said...

You've got some blog bling on my blog, Deb ;)

Brian Hughes said...

"Now that I've seen them, I can't stop staring!"

People do the same with my breasts, which is why I refuse to take my top off in public.